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Growing up my first rifle was a Daisy Powerline 880. I put more rounds through that 880 than all other guns I have owned combined. It is a lot more affordable considering that even today you can get 5 BB’s for a cent.

Before purchasing my first 880 in the early 90’s I did my research. I wanted the most power for the least dollars. That is where the 880 shines, at that time it was a lot more powerful than any rifle under $120. I didn’t have $120, so those rifles didn’t matter anyway. The first 880 I purchased cost about $40. Today the 880 still remains a very affordable and powerful air rifle.

I think the 880 is the perfect training gun. You can send thousands of BB’s down range for a few dollars. The 880 is accurate and the power is variable by how many times you pump it. From a measly one pump leaving a dent to a ten pumper that goes completely through a tin can.

When the 880 was introduced in 1972 it had a metal receiver and a metal pump arm. There have been several changes to the outside and the internal workings of the 880 through the years. To ID the age and internal style of your gun you may want to visit the ID page. I carry the most complete collection of parts for the Daisy 880 on the net, if you need parts checkout the parts page. Need a part but don’t know what they call it, checkout the parts ID Page.

If you have a question or want to share a story about a Daisy 880 feel free to leave a comment on a page or in the forum. The design of the 880 was well engineered, and Daisy used it on many other models. To see variants of the 880 checkout the 880 variant page. If you have a picture of an 880 you want to appear in the gallery, send it my way and let me know if you want credit or prefer to remain anonymous.