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Growing up my first rifle was a Daisy Powerline 880. I put more rounds through that 880 than all other guns I have owned combined. It is a lot more affordable considering that even today you can get 5 BB’s for a cent.

Before purchasing my first 880 in the early 90’s I did my research. I wanted the most power for the least dollars. That is where the 880 shines, at that time it was a lot more powerful than any rifle under $120. I didn’t have $120, so those rifles didn’t matter. The first 880 I purchased cost about $40. The price has remained unchanged and today you can buy them at my local Walmart for $40. Sadly the new guns are made in China, but they are still worth purchasing.

I think the 880 is the perfect training gun. You can send thousands of BB’s down range for a few dollars. The 880 is accurate and the power is variable by how many times you pump it. From a measly one pump leaving a dent to a ten pumper that goes completely through a tin can.

When the 880 was introduced in 1972 it had a metal receiver and a metal pump arm. There have been several changes to the outside and internal workings of the 880 through the years. To ID the age and internal style of your gun you may want to visit the ID page. I carry the most complete collection of parts for the Daisy 880 on the net, if you need parts checkout the parts page. Need a part but don’t know what they call it, checkout the parts ID Page.

If you have a question or want to share a story about a Daisy 880 visit the forum. The design of the 880 was well done, and Daisy used it on many other models. To see variants of the 880 checkout the 880 variant page.


  1. I received my parts today, they are great parts. I also rebuilt myModel 880 today, I knew I had an air leak, I suspected the trigger exhaust valve, anyhow I replaced the piston seals and exhaust valve and the rifle works great. My only frustration is that I can’t figure out what was really wrong, even the old parts looked like new. Thanks for the quick shipping too.

    1. If you were working on an Old Style Daisy 880 I have also noticed that the chamber seal can look fine but fail to function. I have also had it where a gun would just need a good cleaning. Glad you got your gun working

  2. Looking for repair info. Have almost new 880, only used twice. air is not holding. i can hear it escape the barrel when you pump.

    1. When air is leaking through the barrel the most likely culprit is the exhaust valve. You might want to watch my disassembly video to give you an idea of how to get to the valve, once there you may be able to just clean the exhaust valve, https://youtu.be/r8N-gDrZATM

  3. I am trying to rebuild an old style 880, one that was built in the USA and trying to figure out what I need. I have replaced a couple of the o-rings but not exactly sure of what else I need to order. I also have a couple of questions on their placement on the pump head assembly. I couldn’t figure out how to get a photo to you showing my question.

    1. I offer a rebuild kit for the old style Daisy 880s, it includes most of the seals and a new oil wiper. Of course you can always need additional parts or not need everything that is offered in the kit. You may want to watch some of my videos on youtube, I tear down both styles of the 880 and show the pump head being assembled from bare parts. Thanks

  4. i have a 822.daisy 22 sg..the parts look the same..will they work?the problem is it will take about 2 pumps then it want take any more air.what is your best guess ? great web sit!! i will be happy to order parts….

    1. Most of the parts are interchangeable, some are specific to the gun like the bolt. My guess is the chamber seal, it will be cause the problem you describe. The 822 takes the same chamber seal as the Old Style Daisy 880. You might try taking out the seal and heating it up to stretch it back out.


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